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Support Act4Biosimilars

If you would like to support Act4Biosimilars there are a number of ways you can. Visit the Act4Biosimilars LinkedIn and Twitter and follow us to keep up to date with all the latest news. You can also share posts to spread awareness of this global biosimilars initiative.

If you are passionate about the mission and would like to directly get involved in Act4Biosimilars, there are two key roles you could play:

  • An advisor is a subject matter expert (but is not a part of the Steering Committee) who is approved by the Steering Committee. Advisors will be asked to participate in certain meetings or events when they are able to provide their expert insights into a specific topic.   
  • Partners could be organizations or other endorsers interested in the Act4Biosimilars initiative. For example academic institutions, stakeholders involved in access to medicines, as well as media outlets. Partners will provide their views on the work of the Act4Biosimilars initiative, offer endorsement, offer platforms for communication and presentations.

If you are interested in either becoming an Advisor or Partner, then please contact Act4Biosimilars via direct message on LinkedIn.

For those looking for a bigger commitment to the initiative and are able to offer their expertise on biosimilars, then send a direct message on LinkedIn to join our Steering Committee.