Act4Biosimilars aims to close the gap and support making biologic medicines more available to all. We need you to join us to help drive this change and make a difference.

Since the introduction of biosimilars, they have transformed the lives of many patients by enabling affordable access to life-changing, advanced medicines. However, with increasing pressures on healthcare systems and the inequities and inequalities of access to biologic medicines that exist across the globe, not everyone is able to access the biologic treatments they need.


Act4Biosimilars Vision

A world in which patients have increased access to biologics by helping to accelerate biosimilar approvability, accessibility, acceptability and affordability.

Act4Biosimilars Mission

To increase the global adoption of biosimilars by at least 30% in 30+ countries by 2030.

Our Vision

The Roadmap to 2030

12 specific goals have been identified to improve the Approvability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Affordability of biosimilar medicines – the 4 As. By using the Act4Biosimilars Country Indicator Maps, countries will be able to assess the status of each ‘A’ and understand the key actions that can be taken to drive biosimilar adoption at a country level.

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The Action Plan to 
Drive Change

The Action Plan to Drive Change

To support driving change across the 30+ countries, experts from patient organizations, healthcare professionals, trade associations, think tanks, government bodies and professional societies are coming together from around the world to develop the Act4Biosimilars Action Plan. This will provide the strategies, tools and guidance to support improving adoption of biosimilars through the 4 As and enable you to take part in Act4Biosimilars!

Additional information and resources will be added as it becomes available. Please check back to keep up to date or alternatively follow us on:

Act4Biosimilars Steering Committee

Act4Biosimilars is led by a multidisciplinary Steering Committee of patient advocacy leaders, healthcare professionals, biosimilar experts and industry leaders from around the world. It is supported by founding sponsor, Sandoz.

Act4Biosimilars Steering Committee