Act4Biosimilars Impact Index

The Impact Index tracks the progress of the Act4Biosimilars Mission to increase the global adoption of biosimilars by at least 30 percentage points in 30+ countries by 2030.   

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The Impact Index measures the favorability of local policies, regulatory systems, and key stakeholders in relation to the 4As in each of the 30 target countries being tracked. Each country is classed as having high, medium, or low favorability towards biosimilars based on their overall favorability across the 4As. The data will be updated every two years to allow time for the changes implemented to have an impact and be reflected in the data collected. To learn more about the methodology, please visit the FAQs

The Impact Index can be used by anyone wanting to increase patient access to biologics. It can act as guidance on where best to focus your efforts across the 4As and how to use the Action Plan to improve adoption.

When Act4Biosimilars launched in 2022, combined biosimilar adoption across the 30 target countries in scope of tracking was 14%* compared to the reference molecules, despite nearly 20 years of biosimilar availability. This re-affirms there are still many patients who are still unable to access biologic medicines due to inequalities and inequities. It is time to act to drive change.  

The Act4Biosimilars Mission aims to increase current biosimilar adoption by at least 30 percentage points. With combined biosimilar adoption across the 30 target countries standing at 14% in 2022, Act4Biosimilars will assume a target of 44% biosimilar adoption by 2030. To enact global change, it is important to set ambitious targets – every percentage point gained could mean thousands more lives are changed through greater access to medicines. The number of biosimilars available to patients is rising and year-on-year growth is expected to increase, but this is not consistent, and adoption remains uneven across the globe. This is why setting a biosimilar adoption target of at least 44% across 30 target countries is a bold mission

Achieving the Mission will take dedicated action from people like you, those who are passionate about increasing patient access to life-changing, advanced medicines. It will also need a step change from multiple stakeholders globally such as payers, regulatory agencies, healthcare professionals and the patient community. By combining our efforts, we can make change happen and benefit patients worldwide.

To find out more about the methodology, please visit the FAQs.

* Data on file. (IQVIA MIDAS 2022)